Welcome to Sint Maarten!

Operation awarded by CASS Award




QSL card




Sunrise after Contest at PJ7P




CQ WW Contest


I plan to participate on 21 MHz.








Main goal - JAs

As one can see from the picture - time window for Japan is very narrow. Please other stations do not call when I work JAs. Please notice that we have little opening on 15m about 12-13 UTC. Look also long path. Always check long path. I have mountains to the north.



4 simple rules

  • No duplicates
  • Do not call until I finish QSO
  • Listen more, transmit less
  • Use F/H mode on FT8 when I ask for it





Please, no duplicates


In my dxpeditions some stations are logged 10-12 times on same mode, same band. It is frustrating as these duplicate people are wasting my time and do not allow other stations make contact for ATNO.


Please do not call several times on same mode/band ! 




Bands & Modes


Modes: SSB, FT8, RTTY

Due to limited space only 4 bands : 30m, 15m, 12m, 10m






Ready to visit PJ7